‘Fargo’ stars Joe Keery and Richa Moorjani discuss work on Season 5 of FX’s popular crime series


Every season of FX’s “Fargo” brings a whole new story, cast and chaos to the show. Its fifth season is no different. We sat down with the two new stars of the show to find out what it was like working on the popular series on and off the screen

Jon Hamm (as Sheriff Roy Tillman): “There is no one else on God’s green earth who is a better enforcer of the laws of this land than Roy Tillman.”

FX’s “Fargo” is back for Season 5, along with two new faces to the cast: “Stranger Things” actor Joe Keery and “Never Have I Ever” actress Richa Moorjani, who were excited to be on the hit show.

Richa Moorjani (as Deputy Indira Olmstead): “I see a woman who outsmarted two kidnappers.”

Joe Keery: “It’s a show that I was a fan of. Noah is a brilliant guy and an amazing director, obviously, but just like a fantastic writer. “

Jon Hamm also joins this season’s cast. The “Mad Men” star happens to play Joe’s on-screen dad.

Joe Keery: “Jon Hamm is the sheriff, and I play kind of his sheriff’s deputy — so, entitled, privileged…”

Richa Moorjani: “And son.”

Joe Keery: “And his son, and I’m trying to kind os make my father proud. “

Joe and Richa star as cops — Gator and Indira, respectively — who have different ways of getting work done.

Joe Keery: “It was really fun, and just the dynamic between the two characters. They’re so different, and the way that they interact, it was…”

Ricna Moorjani: “They’re both cops, but they’re on total opposite ends of the spectrum.”

Joe Keery (as Gator Tillman): “I’m a winner.”

Richa Moorjani (as Deputy Indira Olmstead): “That don’t sound accurate.”

Joe Keery (as Gator Tillman): “I’m a winner!”

A big change for Richa wasn’t just the storyline and tone of the show.

Richa Moorjani: “For me, personally, the accent, obviously — I went from an Indian accent to a Minnesota accent — and going from a PhD science student to a cop in Minnesota.”

Richa Moorjani (as Deputy Indira Olmstead): “We think these fellas grabbed her up in Minnesota.”

Every season sees the show change characters, but if the two had the chance to come back…

Joe Keery: “It would be fun to return and see where the characters were at, and it would be really crazy, I think.”

Richa Moorjani: “It was hard to say goodbye to the show when we wrapped and goodbye to this character, and yeah, it would be a dream to do more.”

Juno Temple (as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon): “Better sleep with both eyes open.”

Jon Hamm (as Sheriff Roy Tillman): “Cut it out.”

Lamorne Morris (as Deputy Witt Farr): It’s good to see you again, Mrs. Lyon.”

Juno Temple (as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon): “That wasn’t me.”

Season 5 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 21.

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