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Free the Animals - 30th Anniversary Edition“Free the Animals – 30th Anniversary Edition”
by Ingrid Newkirk       

Oliver Stone calls “Free the Animals” “a moving story about extreme cruelty and extreme courage and an inspirational and practical guide for anyone bent on challenging the system.” Told as a thriller, it a classic work of radical popular storytelling, in the mold of Edward Abbey’s “The Monkey Wrench Gang.”  

It is the story of Valerie, a young police officer whose world is turned upside down when she learns about the abuses of animals in laboratories. The book describes how this law-abiding woman comes to challenge the system by taking direct action and examines why ordinary people are moved to do extraordinary things on behalf of animals. Full of fascinating characters, vivid descriptions and thrilling incidents.

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Solitario: The Lonely One“Solitario: The Lonely One”
by John Manuel  

River guide Robbie Ducharme seeks to recover his business and sanity after the tragic events described in the author’s previous novel, “The Lower Canyons.” Ducharme hires as his assistant 18-year-old Lara Hart, herself seeking to find direction as the product of a broken family and a survivor of the Lower Canyons debacle.  

On the eve of a trip down the Rio Grande, heavy rains send that river into flood and persuade Ducharme to divert his group to a never-before-run desert arroyo. The clients are at first thrilled to enter this awe-inspiring landscape, but soon enough run into trouble.  

The novel poses the ultimate question: Are we right to be bold with our lives and the lives of others when the potential rewards are great?

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The Last Lumenian“The Last Lumenian”
by S.G. Blaise  

A rebellious and heroic princess chasing after destiny. Menacing villains around every corner. All happening within a galaxy created by S.G. Blaise. “The Last Lumenian” is a wonderful science fiction, fantasy adventure book tastefully garnished with charming alien romance. It’s a coming-of-age story of Lilla. She is a not-your-average princess and a rebel-in-disguise, fighting for the refugees’ freedom.  

The arrival of the mysterious and ruggedly handsome Callum brings news of a bigger battle -- the Era War between the two ruling archgods -- that threatens not only Lilla’s home world but everyone else’s in the Seven Galaxies. Lilla must learn to control her magic and defeat the dark god before he finds her -- the last Lumenian.

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A Moment of Change“A Moment of Change”
by Edgar Nguyen  

What can make a sudden change in a young boy? A white boy feels unhappy with his Christian mother who is disciplined, strict and determined. He decides to leave home and swears that he will never come back.  

He falls in love with a Korean immigrant girl who saves his life. But in American society, which remains controversial regarding issues about racism, will their families accept their love story? Would they come to a true love and interracial marriage such as in fairy tales?

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